Faculty & Affiliated Scientists

George Dimitoglou

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science; Director of the Center

Before joining the faculty, Dr. Dimitoglou spent over a decade in industry and government positions working in the areas of computing and information systems. His research interests span the range from algorithms and distributed systems to robotics. At Hood he has worked closely with undergraduate and graduate students on projects related to steganography and wireless network security.

Dr. Dimitoglou

Elizabeth Chang


Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics Computer Science; Chairperson of the Department of Computer Science


As chair of the department, Dr. Chang has overall oversight for the programs, faculty, and facilities of the center. She has professional interests in assessment  and accreditation issues in higher education.

Dr. Chang

Ray Myers


M.S., Adjunct Professor of Information Technology

Ray Myers has over 25 years of applied experience in telecommunications, information systems, and software engineering. He has served as a full-time faculty member at the Johns Hopkins and American Universities, and helped design and implement the Telecommunications Management degree program at the University of Maryland University College.

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Ahmed Salem


Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology; Program Director of the Certificate in Information Security

Dr. Salem ...

Dr. Salem

John Boon


M.S., , ...


John Boon...

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Marvine Hamner


Ph.D., ...


Dr. Hamner ...

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Robert Aiken


M.S., Adjunct Professor of Information Technology


R. Aiken

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